This is a series of photographs of The Surf Club, once a private club north of Miami Beach, now undergoing renovations to become condominiums and a hotel. Original construction was completed in 1930 - just as the great depression began, making the club a relic of a bygone era before it even opened. Nevertheless, it flourished in its early years and was even visited by Winston Churchill, who enjoyed painting its scenic beachfront views.

These photographs, taken in January of 2013, represent a last look at how the club used to be (and indeed how it looked for many decades). Later that winter demolition began, and the staff, who had been with the club for many years moved on or retired.
This was a very personal series of photographs for Charles; his great grandfather Philo had been a founding member and at the time he took these photographs, his own grandfather, Charles - who had called the club home for half his life - was 95 years old and in poor health. The photos are sequenced to mimic a walk from one end of the grounds to the other.

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all images © Charles Lavoie 2016