These portraits represent a wide range of subject matter and indeed intent behind the images. Some were shot merely as keepsakes for friends and loved ones, others are from newspaper assignments, and still others are commissioned work. They were shot with a wide range of cameras, lenses and film, from 35mm Kodachrome to 4x5 large format as well as early generation through contemporary digital SLRs.

Intentionally stretching beyond Webster’s definition of a portrait being “a likeness of a person, especially of the face, as in a drawing painting or photograph.” These pieces are not just views of people, but visions of them as individuals living lives contained only momentarily during the instant between shutter curtains. Occasionally the subjects are objectified to conform to a formal composition, but often it is the the composition that forms the stage for the subjects, expressing themselves for an emotive instant that says who they are - at that moment.

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all images © Charles Lavoie 2016