These “other works” are snippets of ongoing and incipient series, presented here in a single collection. Some have been maturing over time, and others have been fermenting. Some I fear are just biding their time. Very often my camera seems to materialize uninvited in my hands, pointing itself at a peculiarity, and won’t let me release it until it a striking, memorable, or otherwise noteworthy photograph is produced.

The photographs here date from as far back as the summer of 2000, and as recent as October of 2015, and show my use of 35mm SLRs, 70 year-old rangefinders, 4x5 view cameras, beastly medium format cameras, consumer and professional DSLRs, and also a wide range of printing, scanning and digitizing methods. Some day soon my camera will reveal its motives behind these series.

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all images © Charles Lavoie 2016