Komorebi  is a Japanese word best translated into English as “sunshine filtering through leaves.”

This work seeks to elicit an unconscious and visceral feeling of awe from the viewer, reminding them of the majesty and importance of nature by showing them nothing but nature itself, represented solely by sunlight and leafy green plants. The light shining on and through the leaves is amplified by the depth and blackness of the ominous shadows and subtly references the religious paintings of the European renaissance - and indeed seeks the same response of the viewer: what you see is worth worshipping. The plants’ presence within the dappled light is to be seen simultaneously as both an emergence from the darkness and a descent back into it, strongly reminding the viewer to consider our place in the environment and our impact upon it.

“I actually think the best way of taking the message to the people is by showing them the pleasure. Not necessarily by saying every time, ‘you’ve got to do something about it,’ but by saying, ‘look, isn’t this lovely,” and the other bit follows.” -David Attenborough

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all images © Charles Lavoie 2016